How to find customers for your business

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

  1. Create and verify your Google Business Profile

  2. Get a website

  3. Implement SEO

  4. Start a business blog

  5. Share your content

  6. Run Google Ads

  7. Create listings on the major directories related to your business

  8. Optimize your listings/services

  9. Get online customer reviews

  10. Monitor and respond to reviews

  11. Prioritize Facebook

  12. Connect and contribute on LinkedIn

  13. Publish videos to YouTube

  14. Advertise on YouTube

  15. Engage your audience on Instagram

  16. Share on Twitter

  17. Give Pinterest a shot

  18. Try out TikTok

  19. Join online communities

  20. Collaborate with influencers

  21. Advertise on social media

  22. Contact local press about your business and services

  23. Form partnerships with other organisations

  24. Network, network, network

  25. Host, attend, or sponsor local events

  26. Send direct mail and build your email lists

  27. Try local offline advertising.

  28. Attend trade shows

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